Top line World Cargo Services Pvt Ltd. the international Air and Sea Freight Forwarder, that provides full range of service for both Import and Export customers. We have a safety warehouse at our office which provides packing and crating. We also provide reliable shipping service to do customs clearance for customers along with any additional services performed at the customers’ request or necessitated by the nature of the shipment.

According to this business field, service is the potential thing that the customer will consider. Top line cargo Services has always emphasized on it so we provide tailor-made service which is flexible service that can be easy reach to the customer’s want and need
with our experience.

We have been known for delivering reliable cargo handling services. Our company is accredited for providing Air Freight services, Freight Logistics services, hassle-free services for clearance of both export and import consignments at customs channels.


Our action plan is simple – identify customer needs, provide timely solutions, measure customer satisfaction. And ultimately improve the speed at which services are brought to the customer’s workplace. Our Business intelligence Unit is more focused dedicated for analyzing and studying the different trades and preparing reports which allows to approach the top clients and also understanding the shipping market.


Topline Worldwide Cargo Services Pvt Ltd , registered and operating in Kathmandu Nepal to all across six continents. Our services include air and ocean freight consolidation and forwarding, vendor consolidation, customs, cargo insurance, distribution and other value
added logistics services.

We have considerable flexibility managing customers’ supply chains. Due to our relationships with local suppliers and associate air partners, we can provide customers with the best routing and pricing options.

Our comprehensive, flexible spectrum of services is supported by leading-edge information technology that provides high level of visibility to maintain consistent quality and customer service across the globe, Freight Services is in constant communication with all vendors to ensure that your shipment is always taken care of.


  1. Affiliated Membership with : NEFFA, FIATA, ECON
  2. Registered with Ministry of Industry, Nepal Government
  3. Business Outline: Land Transportation, Air – Sea Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Consolidation, Insurance, Door-to-Door, Packing, Warehousing, Storage and Distribution Centre
  4. Cargo Sales Agent in Nepal for China Southern Airlines, Pegasus Airlines & Jazeera Airways