Throughout our 28 years, we have seen many things change in the cargo business. Topline Worldwide Cargo Services (TWCS) has navigated in the business by staying customer-focused and understanding that each shipment is as important as the next. Our valued customers have trusted us to partner with their cargo because they want the assurance that their product will arrive on the customer’s dock on-time and without exceptions.

We’re not shipping freight but we’re shipping a promise, a promise on which people’s livelihoods, well-being and reputations are dependent on therefore we always accept that every booking is special.

Proliferation in technology has made this business more effcient, but with progress comes new challenges. We live in an on-demand economy with tighter supply chains, an increased need for shipping velocity, shorter delivery windows, high-quality customer service, and real-time track and traceability. TWCS has made signifcant investments in each of these areas to ensure we are meeting our client’s shipping needs.

We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team. With our on-time delivery and industry-leading claims ratio, our clients can count on us when it matters most. We oer dierent packages to our clients and each oers several custom products and services to fit your needs. Most importantly, when you ship with TWCS, you have access to our most valuable asset: ‘Our Team’ consisting of members in Nepal and our airline partners abroad.

It is TWCS people that embody the family Spirit and build the relationships with our customers that we value so deeply. Our people are our greatest asset and what makes us who we’re in the market.

We are thankful for your trust as business partner and are dedicated to adhering to a higher standard than just been professionals, as we deliver more than cargo – we deliver our promise.

Yours Sincerely
Sunil Kumar Shrestha